YX-886 two-parts silicone sealant for Insulating Glass

Character: 1 silicone insulating glass sealant is a two-parts product 2 Neutral curing, designed for insulating glass assembly,non-corrosiveness 3 High modulus,high strength 4 Resitance high and low temeprature,uv-resistant,weatherable aging and ozone resistance 5 Adhesive performance is good,ventilation rate is low 6 For other silicone sealant has a good compatibility Where to use : Insulating glass the second adhesive seal

Typical properties(for reference)

Storage and shelf life

It is stored on airtight container uder the degree of 30 and 12 months of shelf life from the date of production.


YX-886 base and curing agents are available in separate packaging or match packaging(10:1 by weight)