887Hollowglass butyl-rubber

YX-886 887 butyl rubber made of high quality in polyisobutylene rubber materials for one-component,solvent-free,not out of the fog ,sulfide,has a permanent plastic the first line of insulating glass sealant hot melt butyl sealant in relatively wide temperature range its plasticity and sealing ,and the surface cracks,the same hard It on the glass,aluminum alloy,galvanized stcel,stainless steel and other materials has good adhesiveness

Product feature

1.One-component,easy to use,in the degree of 40-120 temperture range has good stablity
2.No solidifying, of mental plating steel glass no corrosive materials such as granite,marble,concrete application.
3.A plasticity
4.Resistance to ultravidet,ozone proof,water-fast,chemical resistance.
5.Do not contain any solvents,safe environmental protection.
6.Easy to use ,save matenal

Technical function

Appearance:homogeneous black putty Smell:tasteless(environment protection adhesive) Height:260mm YX-887:270mm Density:not more than1.15 g/cubic centimeter YX-887: not more than1.10 g/cubic centimeter Needle penetration:23+/-2degree centigrade 40-56 1/10mm 130+/-2degree centigrade 230-400 1/10mm Shear strength: 23+/-2degree centigrade >/=0.1Mpa Water vapor permeability:

YX-886/887 butyl rebber instruction

1.YX series of hollow glass glue must be used with dedicated butyl rubber coating equipment.latex coating temperture is 110-140 degree,the construction environment of no less than 5 degree.
2.Pack in plastic cylinder,ensure that no foreign body surface clean.
3.Will all need to glue glass surface cleaning ,drying and removing dust and oil pollution.
4.Please store in a clean,dry environment.

Construction method

Cylindrical sealant in extruder preheating box,after reaching extrusion temperture ,boot coating on aluminium crossew.Cool after a minimun time should be no more than 20 minutes and clean the lower bonding adhesive into insulating glass semi-finished products Winter minimum bonding temperature should be not less than 10 degree centigrade ,after being apare sealed insulating glass.

Packing and shipping

YX-886/887 insulating giass butyl rubber can be made according to the requirements of customers of diffeent specifications of the cylinder block.If there is no special instructions factory packing as below:
190#:8kg(dia 190mm)   180#:7kg(dia 180mm)
160#:6kg(dia 160mm)   120#:2kg(dia 120mm)
YX-886/887 insulating glass butyl rubber shoule lay aside is put in below 25 degrees within the warehouse, storage period for two years.