Silicon finned weahter strip

Finned weather strip (door and window finned weather strip ,finned weather seal strip) high resilience fiber with silicone and anti-aging treatments ,and let the strip has water-proof,and do not absorb Features: High resilience fibers with PP and nonwovens in the middle Scope of application: apply to all the profiles which meet the occupation standard of the National Construction Department and have special seal-ability requests Action: wind-proof, water-proof, sound-proof, 5 times higher than normal series in seal-ability Prompting: series with UV protect can extend service life which meets the national standards Dimension: base width: 4-90mm, pile height: 3 5-36mm, details on dimension comparison chart Attention: with non-woven cloth fin in the middle can reduce noise

This form is applicabe to weather strip-flexible series,silicone series,with FIN series,self-stick series

Different colors and sizes are vaviable for you to select in your personal options